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3 Tips For Simple Yet Effective Lawn Care Having a lush and beautiful lawn can be a tough challenge most especially for recent homeowners. If you know what tips are best for an effective lawn care on the other hand, then experts will say that the task could be done faster than what you have thought. In the next paragraphs, you are going to discover some effective and easy tips provided by the pros for your own lawn care. Tip number 1. If you are dealing with body aches, you can soak the water with Epsom salts and use it to bath the water; doing this will not just hydrate the lawn but also, fertilize it. The magnesium that’s present in Epsom salt creates a lusher and greener lawn. However, doing this process may also increase your water bills so be mindful of that. Tip number 2. Professional lawn care companies may suggest you not to garden your lawn or garden in the evening. Watering when the sun sets should be avoided at all cost as it can encourage visits from all kinds of pests. Likewise, overnight or evening watering increases the chances of catching diseases to your lawn and alter its appearance.
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Let the grass grow from at least 3 to 4 inches if you would like your soil to stain moist even in scorching and hot summer months. By letting the grass to grow at these heights, the soil is shaded properly and it’ll retain more water in keeping the plants hydrated adequately. Another well known benefit is that, when the grass is taller, it is less impervious to heat.
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Tip number 3. According to experts, before you start on mowing the lawn, be sure that the blades in your lawn mower are sharp. Not just that it will make the process of mowing easier but also, it is more beneficial for your grass. Furthermore, clean and sharp cuts help your grass to heal faster. It is ideal that you hold off on a fertilizer if you’re making use of corn gluten meal in an effort to prevent weeds. While nitrogen is helping to promote healthier lawn, too much of it is bad. Actually, excess nitrogen is counterproductive and you may want as well to rake your grass clippings when you use corn gluten since grass clippings help in releasing nitrogen too. Yes, you can do these lawn care tips but working with the pros is still the better move you should take.