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Finding Dependable Ways of Eliminating Pests In a majority of times when people think of exterminating pests, the first thing that comes to mind is to use pesticides or seek the services of a professional exterminator to handle the problem of pests. It is incredibly true to note that it is possible to deal with pests without using any pesticides at all and this can be done by doing a few things around the home. The first move to make is control moisture because moisture attracts pests and this can be done by repairing leaking floors, pipes, faucets and other appliances. Apart from that the other action to take is to clean gutters and downspouts as well as create drains that direct water away from the house. It is a known fact that stagnant water needs to be removed and the water that has accumulated in outdoor containers should be drained. The dweller should make sure that crawl spaces have vents and a barrier against vapor. Another step to take is excluding pests from entering the home by sealing cracks in the foundation and gaps in spaces where utility lines enter. The dweller should also ensure that windows, doors and vents are screened and appropriately sealed as well as making sure that the exterior wood is painted, sealed or stained. It is vital to highlight that items that are in storage should also be sealed and the items stored in plastic and not in cardboard whereas for new items, they should first be inspected for pests before bringing them into the house.
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It is an amazing fact to highlight that cleanliness is an important part of keeping pests away because it removes food and exposes hiding pests for pests. Trash containers should be kept clean and tightly sealed to avoid pests coming to feed on the dirt in the bins and food should be kept in sealed containers to prevent access by pests. Food used to feed cats or dogs should not be left open for long periods of time and clutter and junk should be removed from indoors and even outdoors. A homeowner should also vacuum the home frequently because pests cannot stay in a clean environment.
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An incredible fact to state is that before pests even infest a home, the dweller should make the house unattractive to pests by eliminating any wood-to-ground contact and using rocks or gravel instead of wood mulch. A vital fact to highlight is that plastic and concrete should be used instead of wood landscape timbers and the hedges around the house should be trimmed and stockpiles of wood should not be kept anywhere near the house. For outdoor lighting, yellow lights should be used instead of fluorescent lighting.