Take Your Yard Back from Ticks

The threat of ticks and the diseases they carry is enough to keep most people out of their yard. The problem is you’re not sure how to battle these pests and keep your family safe while enjoying the comfort and beautiful of your personal paradise. Fortunately, tick control is easier than you might think. Simple things such as neatly stacked wood piles, wise flower choices and regular lawn maintenance are often enough to keep ticks at bay.

Portrait of a middle aged couple with their son lying on grass at park

Lawn Maintenance

Tall grass, brush and yard litter provides ticks with an ideal home until they can attach to an unwitting animal or person. Unfortunately, an unkempt yard can also reduce the effectiveness of lawn treatments. To help guard against ticks, keep your lawn mowed and bushes trimmed. Immediately discard yard litter either by placing it in a compost pile or in the trash.


If you have a fireplace or enjoy barbecuing with wood, chances are you have a stack of wood in your yard. This is yet another home for ticks unless properly stored. Ideally, you should stack the wood in a neat pile that receives plenty of sun. The light and heat dry out the wood and create a less than pleasant environment for ticks.

Yard Treatment

A pest control service may have better options for tick control, and many of which are safe for your family and pets. One such treatment is a yard barrier spray that will kill adult ticks and, as a bonus, mosquitos for almost a month. Other treatments will provide a defense against hatching ticks, preventing an infestation before it can begin.

Natural Barriers

Living at the edge of a forest makes for a beautiful view, but the woods come with the threat of ticks. You can discourage these tiny pests from migrating into your yard with a wood chip or gravel barrier approximately three feet wide. Not only do ticks dislike the sensation of walking across the barrier but they also tend to dry out before reaching safety.

Floral Repellents

Flowers are a beautiful addition to your yard and they may come with the added benefit of repelling ticks. You can contact a local nursery to find out which plants will thrive in your region such as lavender and chamomile. In addition, they work against mosquitoes and fleas but are harmless to your children and your pets. With the threat of pests gone, you and your family can truly enjoy hours of fun in your own yard.