Spice Up Your Backyard with Redwood Wooden Table Sets

Forever Redwood has wooden table sets that can make any backyard more attractive, and they are the perfect addition to a home when hosting your next outdoor meal or gathering. If you’re thinking it’s time to add a new flavor to your outdoor space, consider how a cocktail table or a formal setting would look on your patio. Our company knows what having the right furniture can bring to your parties and dinners, so find out more about what we offer.


Picnics, Barbeques and Dinner Parties 

Outdoor Redwood Tables are designed with a variety of events in mind, and it’s their quality that takes you from event to event with ease. Round picnic tables are perfect for eating hot dogs and burgers, but they can always be given a more elegant look with just a few placemats or even a white tablecloth. We have a variety of set ups, from bar stools to picnic tables to formal dining sets. Your guests may not remember every last detail about where they sat, but they will remember that your party was full of good food, plenty of seating and a stylish table to enjoy it all.

Custom-Built for You

Whether you plan to have dozens of people over or you just want a romantic dinner for two under the stars, Forever Redwood can help you find the best table for your needs. Our tables are customized depending on how you’ll use them. Want to give guests a chance to cook their own sausages or veggies? We have tables with grills in the center, so everyone gets the perfect char. Need a place for the kids to dine while the adults enjoy appetizers? We make tables and folding chairs that kids will love. Being able to choose from a practically limitless amount of options means you get the colors, textures and amount of space you want. Whatever your vision is for your backyard, just let us know and we can make it happen. Our wooden tables sets are built to last a lifetime, and you won’t regret the investment you make for your home.