Making Your Home A Destination For Friends

Hosting gathering for friends is a fantastic way to bring extra joy and love to your home. Know what is even better? Creating the home in which your friends will want to stop by often! Today we are sharing some tips on creating that warm, welcoming space that isn’t just for you but for your guests as well.

Focus On Safety

It doesn’t matter if you live in a well-to-do neighborhood, all neighborhoods are capable of being broken into. The first step in creating a welcoming environment is to create a place in which you and your guests don’t feel like you have to worry about anyone breaking into your property at any time. You can certainly opt for a home security system, such as ADT Home Security. Not only can you feel safe from would-be thieves, a home security system also comes with notifications for ambulance and fire department should you have another type of emergency. Installing automatic lights around the property can deter anyone creeping around the house but also does double duty by lighting the way for your guests to your front door.

Decorate With Entertainment In Mind

Decorating your new home, or updating your current home, is a fantastic way to evaluate décor and color to warm and soothe the atmosphere. Some color to look for is amber colors for entryways, rustic greens for the den, a subtle pink for guest rooms, rustic red for kitchens, earthy browns for dining rooms, and a dark grey for the living room. Of course, your furniture and décor should complement the color scheme! Look for scotch-guard fabrics for your upholstered furniture so that you can avoid covering your furniture in plastic.

Keep Your Home Tidy

It’s easy to pile up the clutter and accumulate items in your home. Rather than constantly rushing around to clean up for guests, do your best to maintain control over clutter. You can look for some great organizational tools like bookshelves to store your books and hobby items. Baskets filled with yarn for your knitting obsession is one way to utilize a bookshelf to keep things neat and tidy! If your pots and pans are getting out of hand in the kitchen, a baker’s rack or a hanging system can keep them nearby without cluttering up your cabinets. Garage gone haywire? There are plenty of options using small boxes, baskets, and jars to keep your supplies neat and orderly. The best thing about staying on top of your clutter is that it makes cleaning so much easier on you!

Entertain Those Kids

This is especially important if you don’t have children! If you do, great. You have a built-in entertainment system already. If your guests have children that they bring over on occasion, those kids are going to get bored with the adult conversation. Having plenty of movies, books, games, and craft projects on hand will keep them occupied and help them enjoy your home just as much as they do their parent(s).

Set Clear Boundaries

As much as we all love to have our friends and family come to our home, don’t feel like you have to always entertain. Sometimes we need to be able to come home to some quiet, a little Netflix and relax without the energy of keeping someone else occupied. If you don’t want people to drop by unannounced, let everyone know that they have to call first. If you want visitors only on a certain day of the week or month, vocalize it! The best thing about making your home warm and inviting is that everyone will want to come by. The best thing for your mental health is to take breaks from entertaining.

Entertaining, especially at this time of year, is the caveat of having a fantastic home and great friends and family. Use these tips to get the best results with entertaining and not driving yourself insane.