Making Sure Your Home is Safe

Admit it, one of the greatest things about home ownership is that as soon as you walk in the door, you feel like you are safe. Your home is a space that is all your own and it is free from judgments and outside rules. The design and furniture might not always be perfect, but it gives you a sense of security and comfort. For this reason, if no other, it is important to keep your home safe and protected.

Home Security

What better way to protect your home than with home security? Aside from protection from burglars and home invasions, security companies can be on call for other types of emergencies, too. You will be able to rest assured that your home is protected when you are there as well as when you are away. Even the window decals and yard signs with the security company logo on them are deterrents for would-be burglars.

When You are Away

Aside from your home being protected by a home security company, you can do a few other things to protect your home when you are away for a few days. Talk to your neighbors. Let them know that you will be away and ask them to keep an eye on the homestead for you. You might also think about putting your lights on a timer so that it will appear as if someone is in the home. Put a hold on your newspapers and mail so that they don’t pile up and alert people to the fact that you are away.

Film It

One of the best ways to make sure that you home is protected is to get and install cameras both on the outside and on the inside of your home. Aside from them being visible and therefore a deterrent to would be thieves, they can also give you multiple views of your home so you will be able to tell immediately if something is not quite right. If you aren’t home, don’t worry. With the right setup, you will be able to see what is going on right from your tablet and or smart phone.


Did you know that some burglars will come by and leave fliers on doors to check and see if they are removed, thereby letting them know who is home and who is not? Anytime there is a flier left on your gate or door, remove it as soon as possible. If you aren’t at home, have a family member, friend, or neighbor keep an eye out for things like this. It might seem to be such a little thing, but it could be the key to your home not being broken into.


Did you know that having your lawn landscaped and looking neat can be a deterrent to thieves? Think about it. If there are no messy, unkempt trees and bushes for them to hide behind, they will have to make the approach to your home out in the open where anyone can spot them. A good thing to do is to eliminate those places where intruders and or burglars could potentially lurk. Make sure that you also keep large shrubs and bushes away from the windows too.


When you are leaving home, who is watching you? You really have no way of knowing. For that reason, it is never a bad idea to pretend like someone is in your home even if they are not. When you leave, and are walking out the door, say goodbye to that person who might be inside your home waiting for you to come back.


When you get new electronics, make sure that you don’t take the boxes out to the street. If you do take them out to the street, cut them up first so that potential thieves won’t have an idea of what they might gain if they were to break into your home. You don’t want to give potential burglars any sort of incentive and taking electronics boxes out to the street for them to be picked up by the recycling company or trash men gives them exactly that… all kinds of incentive.