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Bird Removal Solutions For Your Home And Business There is something special about birds and their songs that captivate people’s heart. However, although birds make the place we live in so much better, there are times when conflicts happen. One obvious example is feral pigeons. Considered as the number one pest bird in most cities and suburban areas, feral pigeons came from rock dove which is a native of Europe. Pigeons have gone acclimatized to man-made structure and have made it their homes. When pigeons contaminate areas where people frequent, they are causing public health concern. Heath-related problems such as histoplasmosis, ornithosis and cryptococcosis are some known to be carried by pigeons, as well as being a host for other disease vectors like ticks and fleas. Pigeon droppings are causing damage to buildings and properties as it can accelerate the deterioration because of its acidity. And because they like to live in the place where they were born, they will find anything that can be eaten and will be able to locate water and are difficult to trap and relocate. This is why pigeon removal ranks as the most requested bird control services. Similar problems are presented by starlings and sparrows, along with the fact that they drive native birds to extinction which is really another problem. These two bird types can be successfully trapped and relocated. However, because of their large number, as soon as you remove one group, another would come in. Gulls also present similar issues with pigeons only these are restricted to areas near the water. Since many airports are located near bodies of water, gulls are a problem to air navigation. Bird droppings harm structures, autos and the greater part of your property. Bird droppings is an ongoing struggle many homeowners and business owners face. More damage can be done to your property when other nesting materials hinder the flow of water in gutters and drains.
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Just imagine the possible damage and cost a single nest blocking the gutter would cost – along with the noise of aggressive birds which may annoy customers leading to shopping somewhere else. It is essential to find ways to repel birds from your property safely. Due to advances in our technology, we now have a whole host of bird control methods to utilize that will have no adverse effects on the birds or in our environment.
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Take a look at a few bird exclusion techniques being utilized. You can apply bird repellent gels on windowsills of your home. You may also opt for bird screens which exclude birds from places where they should not be like rooftops, eaves, airline hangars, overhangs, etc. This is usually preferred because if it is installed properly, it can barely be seen. You may also opt for electrified tracks which can cause a mild hotfoot on birds, enough to make them stay away. There are plenty of other tools and techniques you can utilize for bird exclusion. To properly set up these tools, you need the help of a specialist.