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What Buyers Should Understand About Utilities. High number of property buyers usually search for land, home or commercial premises with installed utilities since it is often advantageous. When one purchases land with all the utilities installed, for example, one saves time, expenses and efforts associated with applying for new installation. Sadly, ninety-five percent of the total vacant land available for sale do not have these utilities while the procedure for installation costs substantial amount of money. The total expenses associated with installation of the essential utilities may be equal to the actual value of the land, while in other instances, the installation costs go beyond the worth of the property. Experience proves that it is better to buy properties with installed utilities even if the market value may be significantly higher than that of an adjacent vacant land. When the vacant land available for sale does not have appropriate utilities in place, you can request the owner to get necessary installation permits from the authorities to prove there are no restrictions or barriers that may affect the installation process. The major utilities that you should always look for when buying a residential or a commercial property include water, power and the sewer system. You can seek water from the reputable water service providers or contract the leading firms to install private water well. You can also tap water from creek or spring if the authorities allow such water systems. Regardless of your preferred source of water, it is important to ascertain that it is clean and free from salts, nutrients and bacteria that may affect the health of the users. Before applying for connection to the local water service provider, you can search for water service firms available and review their service agreements. The key advantage of connecting to water system from a pre-established firm since the companies have to attain the minimum regulatory requirements to commence operations. For example, the water service firms usually offer quality water and have quality equipment and highly competent staffs to ensure continuous supply of pure water. For sewerage system, you can choose to connect to the city, municipal, a community sewerage or install a private system. For power supply, you may have to depend on the service of the reputable power company since generating power may be a costly project. Although some people purchase solar systems, the additional costs and reliability issues remain the major shortcoming. You can pick a customer in the neighborhood already enjoying power supply and seek details about installation requirements, service costs and a availability of a secondary power source. You can proceed and apply for connection if the quality of service is satisfactory. The reliability of a utility system is critical and therefore, you should seek the service of a company that provides services that meet your needs. Fortunately, the leading utilities firms have all it takes to meet those needs.8 Lessons Learned: Gas

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