Don’t Get Stuck With A Low-Quality Pole

The Storm

As the spring season rears its head, the chances of a violent storm occurring increase dramatically as the cold weather battles with the warm. During this time, utility poles harboring transformers and electrical cables can be severely damaged. As a result, homes can be left without power, and in some circumstances, that could very well mean a death sentence for some people, especially if the electricity is out for a long period of time. Because of this, power companies need to take the initiative to ensure that the utility poles they’re using are of a singular high-quality.

The Right Pole Makes All The Difference

It may seem tedious to put considerable thought into selecting a wooden pole to be used for utility means. However, not all wood was created equal, especially in terms of using them for electric infrastructure. Some of the best wooden poles you can utilize in your power company are those considered to be CCA-ET poles. What makes these stand apart is their ability to be easily grafted for workers to climb. Although most companies use buckets for their workers to reach the top of a pole, these vehicles aren’t always plentiful, and as a result, if a crew is faced with a pole that can’t be grafted and they don’t have access to a bucket, the people who are hurt the most are the homeowners who have to wait even longer for their power to be restored because of a lack of resources on the power company’s part. A sure way around this is to use poles that can be grafted. In this way, all of the bases are covered for any possible scenario. These poles are not only pressure treated wood but also contain mineral oil to ensure the wood is preserved but easy to climb.

Never Go Wrong Again

Equipped with CCA-ET poles from a reputable pole company, you can be sure to give your clients the service they’re expecting. No one should be left in the dark.