Do You Need a Kitchen Refresh or Remodel?

There is a big difference in getting a kitchen remodel or refresh when it comes to time and cost. Simple updates and upgrades with a refresh of the space can be as attractive and transforming as a big expensive remodel. The right kitchen remodeling contractors can help you make the tough, but sensible decisions.

What Is Your Total Budget?

As much as you would love a complete new kitchen, your budget might keep that from happening. It can be expensive to update appliances, install new cupboards, change the sink, fixtures, add an island and new counters. You should discuss the types of changes that are affordable in your budget with expert kitchen remodeling contractor. You may have to shoot for a kitchen refresh, but there can be items changed and updated that will totally change the look and function of your kitchen for the better.
Refacing or Replacing Cabinets

The doors of cabinets can start looking worn and dated after a few years of use. Completely installing new cabinetry can be expensive, depending on your choice of materials. You can still have great new-looking cabinetry by replacing the facing boards of the doors and drawers. A little new hardware is all you need to add the extra touch of class. Everyone will think the cabinets are brand new, but all you have changed are the visible portions.
Updating Appliances

Sound, clean running appliances that are energy efficient do not really need updated, unless you are desiring a different look. This can be one of the more expensive remodeling decisions. Choose wisely based on a realistic budget. One sound reason for spending the money to replace appliances are when switching to energy saving models. Older appliances are at risk of breakdown and cost you more each year in energy use than they are worth.
New Counters or Fresh Paint

Chic new counters might be on the wish-list, but a coat of fresh paint on the walls, new lighting and fixtures might be the more affordable route for the moment. Changing the color of the walls and updating little features like sink fixtures and overhead lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of the space. You do not have to spend a fortune to refresh your kitchen area and give it a contemporary look.

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