Orangeries Yorkshire

Orangeries can be beautiful and economical additions to any home. Orangeries of today have retained the simple and traditional structure of their conservatory counterparts, but are much more progressive in terms of technology.  Orangeries still maintain the conservatory sensibilities, but with more progressive advancements. Another difference is that while conservatories will have the majority of its roof glazed, orangeries will not. Orangeries also are most recognized for their lantern shaped roofs, which provide luxurious sky views. However, there are other options as well, such as flat-roofed or tiled.

There are many benefits to having an orangery. Some of these include:


Orangeries can bring a sense of elegance, style and charm to any home and add a bit of luxury and personality as well. Spacious and airy, orangeries can be styled and designed to the resident’s liking- from brick to steel to stone. This use of materials also adds an …