How Demand For Housing In Colorado Has Affected The Local Market

It has taken some time for several parts of the country to recover from the 2008 economic recession, but it seems as if now is finally the time that things are starting to come back together. This is especially the case in the state of Colorado, where a current economic boom is being driven by the housing market. Thanks to a number of factors, the state is now among one of the healthiest economically in the nation, and there are no signs of slowing any time soon.

So just what is going on? What is Colorado doing so well that it has ascended so quickly as one of the wealthiest states in the country, from a housing economics perspective? Keep reading below to find out exactly these questions and more.

The Denver Boom
Coming out of the recession, most major cities found it harder to sell real estate thanks to …

Take Your Yard Back from Ticks

The threat of ticks and the diseases they carry is enough to keep most people out of their yard. The problem is you’re not sure how to battle these pests and keep your family safe while enjoying the comfort and beautiful of your personal paradise. Fortunately, tick control is easier than you might think. Simple things such as neatly stacked wood piles, wise flower choices and regular lawn maintenance are often enough to keep ticks at bay.

Portrait of a middle aged couple with their son lying on grass at park

Lawn Maintenance

Tall grass, brush and yard litter provides ticks with an ideal home until they can attach to an unwitting animal or person. Unfortunately, an unkempt yard can also reduce the effectiveness of lawn treatments. To help guard against ticks, keep your lawn mowed and bushes trimmed. Immediately discard yard litter either by placing it in a compost pile or in the trash.


If you have a fireplace or enjoy barbecuing …